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Jonah Bank Text Banking

Jonah Bank Text Banking is another great way to stay connected with your bank account wherever you are. FREE with your Jonah Bank account, and simple to use! Text Banking can be used to quickly:

    • Get account Balances
    • View Account History
    • Transfer Between Accounts
    • Get Jonah Bank's Contact Info

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To use Text Banking you need to be an existing Online Banking customer >>
To get started;

    • Sign on to your Online Banking Account
    • Select Settings > Text Enrollment
    • Turn on Text Banking, enter your cell phone number, and check the box to agree to the Text Banking terms & conditions
    • Select Save
    • Follow the prompt to go to Account Preferences to set up your account nicknames for text banking


Text any of these commands to BANKME (or 226563)

Text usTo find out
BALAvailable balance for eligible deposit accounts
XFER <from account nickname> <to account nickname> <amount>Transfer funds between your accounts
LISTList of commands for Text Banking
HIST <account nickname>The last four transactions for the account
HELPReceive Jonah Bank's website address and phones number to get help using text banking
STOPStop all text messages to the mobile device

For more information: Text Banking Users Guide OR send us an email

Good To Know:

Jonah Bank doesn't charge for Text Banking
There is no cost to enroll in Text Banking — Jonah Bank does not charge you for this convenience. (Check with your mobile carrier for any specific fees or charges that might apply for sending or receiving text messages.)

Lost or stolen mobile phone
Cancel Text Banking immediately by calling customer service at 1-866-504-5111. Or you can sign in to Online Banking and go to Settings > Text Enrollment > Turn off Text Enrollment, and delete your cell phone number, then click/tap on save. If you find your mobile device later, you can re-enroll that same mobile number.

Getting multiple messages
You may receive more than 1 message if it’s longer than 160 characters (the limit for our text messages). For an extensive transaction history, the response may require multiple messages.

Receiving information for multiple accounts
For the HIST command, our reply will include information for the first 4 transactions for the account. This may exceed the 160-character limit, so you may receive multiple messages.

Changing your mobile number or service provider
Sign in to Online Banking and go to Settings > Text Enrollment > Edit Number to change your mobile number.

Ending your Text Banking service
Texting STOP from your cell phone device will stop all Text Banking Commands on your device. To re-enable text banking you will need to set it up again from within online banking, and issue the "START" command from your device.

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