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Like millions of American's you are probably already banking online, paying bills online, and shopping online to save time and money. It is no coincidence that as the popularity of such activities has increased, so has the number of cases of online fraud. Most of the online fraud that has been reported in the media, has been the result of unsecured personal and corporate computers, AND security offerings by financial institutions not being utilized.
At Jonah Bank we take great pride and effort in securing your personal information, and would like to remind you, that Online Security is Everybody's Business. As such we would like to be YOUR partner in security. Armed with the right information you can ensure that your computer is secure, and that your online banking and shopping experiences are rewarding and safe. We are providing you with information to help you get started in securing your computer, practicing safe computer habits and using the security built into our online banking system. Should you have any questions please contact one of our customer support staff.

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Securing Your Computer

Since computers achieved mainstream and widespread adoption, one of the most important tasks that has left many users confused and irritated is how to secure them. The information below is designed to be a starting point in helping you to secure your computing environment.

Online Banking Security

If you have read through all of the content in the Securing Your Computer section, you should have already developed a good security mindset and have your computer/device in a state where you are ready to engage in Online Banking and other eCommerce activities (just remember that the threat landscape is always evolving, so make sure to keep in touch with advancements in computer security). Once you do begin to utilize Jonah Bank's industry leading online banking platform, take time to familiarize yourself with all of the built in security it provides and take adavtage of it! Keep in mind that your online security is just like a castle - it has multiple levels of defense!

Safe Browsing Habits & Identity Theft

We have just covered how to secure your PC and network and how to take advantage of the built in security in our Online Banking system. Now we will give you some tips regarding safe browsing habits, so that your computer remains safe and you don't become a victim of Identity theft or Online Fraud.

Additional Security Tips

If you have applied all or most of the settings in the above sections you have made a great start in protecting your system and accounts. However, there is still more that you can do to secure your systems and test the security that you have in place. While all of them may not apply to you directly, they may be ideas to bring back to the office.

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