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At Jonah Bank, we work very hard to keep your financial information safe and secure. We want you to feel confident when you bank in our branches or use online banking. One way we protect acess to your financial information is through our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system when banking online or via a mobile device.

Our MFA system requires a second layer of security where your identity is verified by use of a device you have in your possession such as a cell phone or a fixed line phone. Our system not only validates the username and password, we also verify your identity by using a unique system that communicates with your cell phone or fixed line phone. Our system gives you the most secure online banking experience available today using a validation process that takes only a matter of seconds. But seconds count - when it comes to your security!

Using Jonah Bank's MFA system is simple, in just a few easy steps your online banking access will be set-up and you will be able to quickly - and securely - access all of your finanial information and complete Bill Pay or Commercial transactions.

Step One:

Secure Access Code DeliveryAfter entering your username and password for online banking, the system will ask you to choose a way that Jonah Bank can send you your access code. These selections can either be a phone number or SMS text message number.

Step Two:

Secure Access Code DeliveryYou will receive your access code in less than 20 seconds. Once you have received your access code simply enter it into the field and click the Submit button

Step Three:

Secure Access Code DeliverySelect whether you want to register the device you are on for later use. You can do this so that you don't have to enter a secure access code at the next login, so long as you have "Cookies Enabled" in your browser settings, and you don't delete your cookies manually.Or you can select do not to register this device (this is a security best pratice to ensure that dual factor authentication is used for each session). Once you have made your selection and clicked on Submit, you will be entered into your Online Banking Account.


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