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Beginning at 5:00am Thursday, September 21st, we will be updating our online banking system to provide you with a series of enhancements aimed at making your online banking experience easier, faster, and more intuitive. Below is a list of the key enhancements to the system. The updated online banking system will be available to you by 10:00am on the day of maintenance. Following the update,
if you have any questions please call one of our customer support specialists.

Consumer Bill Pay

Based on your feedback we have made our integrated Bill Pay system even easier to use. By increasing the window size it is now easier to shcedule payments, and with a quick glance see what's coming up. The big difference from previous versions is that now you can schedule single and multiple payments from one window.

Enhanced Home Page

Items on the Home page have been updated to provide you with the abilitity to create custom groups of accounts, re-order account groups, perform quick actions from the menu dots next to each account, hide accounts from the home screen and print a quick view of your accounts.

Integrated Positive Pay

For our Commercial customers using Check Positive Pay, this release will include our first step toward and integrated Positive Pay Experience.

More detail for Wire Transfers

we have added a "Purpose of wire" field for all Wire transactions so that we can better understand your cash managment needs, and give you more detail.

Commercial Payments Update

To provide the ability to change the pay from account, Subsidiary and effective dates in uploaded ACH files we have included prompts for all ACH and Payroll file uploads to select these dates even if they differ from what is in the file uploaded.

Transaction Printing

You asked, we listened. We have enhanced the print function from within online banking so that you can now print all the details for an account including history, just expand the account details before printing.

For more information on our latest enhancements, please contact one
of our Customer Suppport Representatives:


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