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Jonah Bank has always taken pride in providing competitive rates on CDs. We offer a variety of terms to fit your time-frame and financial goals. You can view all our CD rates here. Call or stop in today to your nearest Jonah Bank location - these special rates won't last forever!

What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?
A CD is a savings certificate entitling the bearer to receive interest. A CD bears a maturity date, a specified fixed interest rate and a minimum opening balance of $500. CDs are insured by the FDIC.

Jonah Bank CD's

Our CD's offer the following features and terms:

  • Interest Compounds Daily
  • Interest Begins Accruing Day of Deposit
  • Minimum Opening Deposit is $500
  • Early Withdrawl Penalty:
  • Terms of 1 Year and Less = 2 Months of Interest on Amount Withdrawn
  • Terms Greater Than 1 Year = 4 Months of Interest on Amount Withdrawn

Terms Available:

    • 3 months
    • 6 months
    • 9 months
    • 12 months
    • 18 months
    • 2 Years
    • 3 Years
    • 4 Years
    • 5 Years

For more information please contact Jonah Bank, and for a complete listing of our CD rates and terms please visit our Rates page.

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