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Browser SecurityDon't get left out in the cold: Update your browser and stay secure.

Did you know that over 50% of all online banking users in the U.S use an outdated and insecure browser?

Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla, release new versions of their popular browsers to provide enhanced performance, and improved graphics along with improvements in security that may not be available with older browsers.

We know that your current browser may feel like an old pair of jeans (comfortable), but just as those jeans fray with age, the security provided with a browser weakens the longer it is in use. The best way to have a secure online experience is to update your browser.

Keep your financial information safe visit the sites below to get the most current versions of browsers available: (Note - the absence of Windows XP and the safari browser for Windows - both of these systems have been discontinued, and you should update your PC or switch your browser).


Due to known vulnerabilities with Internet Explorer Versions 5 and 6, as highlighted by the POODLE and Heartbleed vulnerabilities reported in 2014, Jonah Bank of Wyoming will no longer support these browser for accessing our online banking system.

If you currently utilize Internet Explorer versions 5 or 6, please take steps to update your browser, or consider installing an alternate web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Additionally, you should check to see if your browser is using SSL v3, and ensure that it is disabled (for example, in Internet Explorer it is under Internet Options, Advanced Settings).

If you are unsure of what browser version you are using, click on the browser heading below and follow the the listedsteps. Once you know what browser, and browser version you have, use the list below to determine if a more recent version is available.

You can keep up to date on what browsers Jonah Bank supports for Online Banking by visiting our Online Banking Help site.

Please do not hesitate to call us if we can be of further assistance.

BrowserOperating SystemsMost Recent VersionDownload Link
Microsoft Internet
Explorer ®
Windows 7, 8 and 1011 + Edge
Mozilla Firefox ® Windows XP, 7, 8 and 1050
Google Chrome ™ Windows XP, 7, 8 and 1055
Safari ® OSX 10.6 - 10.109.1
Mozilla Firefox ® OSX 10.850
Google Chrome ™ OSX 10.6 - 10.855

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